Ludo Star Registration Form

Ludo Star Registration form

Terms & Conditions
  •  Attending at the location half hour before the start of the game for the distribution and the draw
  • The game Hide Wolf is a collective game played with 4 people each 2 in one team.  Each player has four pins in the prison. To win the game you must move all four pins into the field and walk with them in the playing field counterclockwise and reach the end.
  • Play every time by throwing the two dices throughout the playing time until the end.
  • To get the pin out of prison every time you need dice number 6/ and any other number.
  • When a pin is out of prison, for example, the dice number 6/3 comes out of prison and you put the pin on box number three.
  • When the player gets the two dices 6/6 he can take out two pins from the prison and play again or move the pin 12 steps in the field and play again or move two pins, each pin 6 steps and play again, even if dice 6/6 is repeated more than once the same game will play one more time .
  • When the player takes out more than one pin, he can move the pins as follows, 6/3 with the two dices, can move one of the 6 pins and the other 3 or the whole number in one of the pins.
  • When the pins reach the final stage and the end of one of the pins, he will play again and if he has 2 pins in the final stage and finished them at the same time, he will play two consecutive times.
  • When the player reaches the end he can help his friend in the same team by throwing the dice. He needs to get number 6/6 with the two dices and enters with him the second round.
  • The method of throwing the dice: must be inside the cloth for the game Hide Wolf at any place in the game.
  • When the two dices or one of the dices comes out of the cloth, no number shall be calculated and the player is deprived of throwing the dice again.
  • Do not move the pin unless the number is confirmed.
  • When you move the pin and place it in one of the boxes, you cannot cancel and move another pin, except in the case of the wrong count and putting it in the wrong box.
  • The player must catch the opponent to be able to open the end zone and go up.
  • The player can consult his friend to move the pins at any time and help him make the right decision.
  • When a party fails to attend or withdraw during play, the team is considered a loser.

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