Al-Hand Registration Form

Hand Registration Form

Terms & Condition

  • Attendance before playing half hour for distribution and draw
  • Please do not smoke
  • The referee has the right to warn the player or make him lose the round according to the law of the game
  • Talking, pointing or looking at other players' cards is prohibited
  • Draw shall be made to start the game where the smallest number holder is the one distributing the cards.
  • Make sure you count the cards before you start playing
  • Number of rounds are (9).
  • Number of cards per player (14) cards
  • Getting off after 13 cards
  • Getting off (101)
  • In the event that one of the contesters has taken off, the other opponent who wants to get off with a larger number, if the value is equal or lower, The opponent is burned
  • India (9) Rounds 400
  • draw after breaking the player's card
  • If there are two jokers, the joker should be broken
  • In the case of a request to start off and retract it the player is a loser
  • In case of burning, the calculation is doubled.
  • In case of descent, the calculation is done with the card in its place.
  • Do not put the hand on the draw at the time of descent or flying
  • In the case of one of the contesters, handed the card is not revealed until after the opponent's card falls intact without any error, and in the case of detection the two rivals are burned
  • Each break is in front of the player himself and if there is a mistake in the drawing, the cards of the player are burnt.
  • Do not help in the count for any opponent.
  • Give two minutes to count and get off

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