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Al-Dama Registration

Terms & Conditions
  • The tournament will be organized according to the Swiss system and the number of rounds will be determined according to the number of participants
  • The winner is given one point, and half a point in case of ties and nothing in the loss.
  • The playing time for each player is 45 minutes
  • The dice should not be touched except in the case of moving
  • In the case of the capture of dice, the referee does not intervene unless requested by the opponent player.
  • The Organizing Committee shall have the right to take appropriate decisions against any player who does not comply with the laws and regulations and the decision shall be final
  •  Attend early before the round starts for at least 15 minutes
  • Complete silence during and after the completion of the game.
  • The mobile phone must be put on silent or closed
  • Official Bahraini dress is required.